Must have travel map app


My favourite travel app has to be Maps.Me (not sponsored Lol)

Probably the handiest and easiest map app to use.

When we were travelling Bali this was a life saver. You can download countries so when you have no WiFi or 3G available you are able to still use your maps and get directions to places.

Also a great thing about it is that you can pin a spot eg your hotel to help you know how far away things are. Also offline you can still find hotels if you type into the search bar which is fab.

We were lost once and it was pitch black and without this app we probably would have been kidnapped lmao. It also gives you short cuts if your walking/cycling instead of having to use the main roads.

There is also is the discover icon which you can Discover nearby which shows hotels, attractions and places to eat/drink near by which I think it is also amazing if your driving about and don’t have a clue what to do or what is nearby.

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