Gluten Free Intro

Hi Guys,

I recently been diagnosed as Coeliac, which on my behalf is a relief. I have had Eczema since i was born and it has been quite severe. Finding out that being Celiac can prevent the absorption of nutrients which would effect my immune system shows that i haven’t been well as such and thats why my skin has been so bad. Already i can see such a change in my skin on being off it a month. Im not itching as much, my skin itself feels better and i’m not flaking/peeling everywhere.

From going on the gluten free diet i have released that Celiacs do struggle with simple things like going out for dinner or  drinks as a lot of places have a limited gluten free menu and near to none gluten free beers.

This has got me thinking. If you follow my Instagram you would have seen that i LOVE eating out. It might as well be a hobby to me. I always get asked my recommendations of where to eat in cities. Now being Celiac i don’t know what is available now in restaurants, due to this i want to find out the best gluten free restaurants/cafes/bars in Northern Ireland and well the world in general also.

I know myself and definitely other Celiac’s feel anxious on going out for dinner as the menu may be very limited to what we can have or if they even do a gluten free menu.

I wanna make it my mission to find the best gluten free restaurants/cafes/bars in Belfast to start of with so we know exactly if there super gluten free friendly or not. Maybe find some hidden gems in the city too!

I hope you all enjoy my journey in the making of Frans Travels Gluten Free Guide!

Love Frans Travels xx

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