Tips for Gluten free Newbies

I thought I would do a few tips to help newbies to the Celiac/Gluten free diet. At first it was a struggle for myself but you get use to it. Whenever the doctor mentioned to me about taking my blood tests for being celiac I was actually so shocked and never even though of myself having an allergy to gluten.

I have had food intolerance tests done before in which none have ever said I had intolerance to Gluten. To be honest I was quite happy, as I have struggled all my life with Eczema. I just wanted it gone and this was another light of hope for me in having it gone.

I got my Endoscopy done and as soon as that happened I went straight onto a gluten free diet. I already seen a difference. I myself had to figure out what I can and cant eat and where to buy stuff etc. This is why I wanted to give some helpful tips on how to start of the diet so people like myself have something to give them a little guide on how to start it off.


  • Tip no.1 I would be very careful whenever it comes to takeaways.

I had a bit of a problem in that I went to the Chinese beside me in Belfast and asked them if they were able to make anything gluten free, they said yes… Well it was definitely not gluten free as it was proper battered chicken, I took one bite and I was straight to the toilet : ) : ) : )

Just be weary of takeaways in that they may lie so you buy something. This was horrible customer service and they have lost a house of customers now.


  • Tip no.2 Don’t be scared to tell a restaurant/café that you are gluten free.

I myself have worked in a restaurant and I do feel like people are nervous when they ask for a gluten free menu. Most restaurants are happy enough to help you out with your allergies (unless the staff are having a bad day lol)

Also a lot of places can try make dishes gluten free just ask, no harm in asking.


  • Tip no.3 Do look around in different shops for different products

Some gluten free products can be very bland. It can be quite difficult finding a product that you really look. Just look around you will eventually find a brand that you like.


  • Tip no.4 One grain can affect you

It sounds silly but one grain really can affect you. For example using the same toaster as normal bread there could be cross contamination. Maybe purchase a new toaster or in my family we have a 4-slice toaster, no one has ever used the 2 on the right side so they are now officially my side for the toaster.

Chopping boards are another thing like using it to butter your toast, if someone has used it before to butter normal bread this also could cause cross contamination.


  • Tip no.5 Read labels

I was actually so shocked at how much things have gluten in them. For example oven chips, some have batter on them, which includes gluten. Actually mad. After a while you get use to reading labels or actually knowing what does and doesn’t have gluten in them.


  • Tip no.6 Google Recipes

Something’s are actually very simple to make for example I was dying for enchiladas at the weekend but couldn’t find any kits etc, so I just made it from scratch. Really not hard at all.

Think of the steps you would normal take in a recipe and just change them to gluten free alternatives.

  • Tip no.7 Don’t go rushing and buying everything from the gluten free section.

This was my first thought when I went onto the diet, it was quite silly and a waste of food. I over spent and bought stuff I never ate in the first place.

Buy the stuff you do normal buy eg pasta and a loaf of bread. Then if feel like you are going to eat different stuff then go for it.


  • Tip no.8 Sauces can be your worst enemy

Soooo many sauces actually have gluten in them. Gravy and BBQ sauces can be your nightmare. In the gluten free aisles there is a couple of brands that do gluten free sauces.

Make sure when your eating out and asking for extra sauce that you say gluten free as they might not be the person that took your order and give you normal gravy.


  • Tip no.9 Research!

There are so many Facebook gluten free groups to help you out to give you ideas for recipes etc. There is so much gluten free recipes and ingredients out there you just have to find them. More and more products are coming out every year so it really does get better.


  • Tip no.10 Don’t stress

Relax and enjoy changing your diet up a bit. Its for the better so just try be positive about it. It can be hard but just think of the outcome, maybe no more sore tummys or being sick. Just think of the positives.


Hope this helps a few people out!

Love Frans Travels x

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