Clothing websites

Hi Guys,

If your like me and sick of forgetting websites/shops or even want a different shop from the norm ones, i have gathered up a few names of online shopping so there all in the one place.

Your normal Clothing websites:

Also a few ones that are not as popular but still have a few nice bits and pieces on..

Used clothes/or sometimes smaller companies using these apps to sell there products

These are brands that always come up on my ads but I do know people who have shopped off them before and there stuff has taken ages to come but still were good quality.

  • Romwe
  • Zaful – I have actually ordered from here before, i felt that it would be dodgy as it was so cheap so only ordered a bikini and a two piece and they came in great quality! Although it did take a good two weeks to come!
  • 21 Buttons – love celeb outfits, usually lots have this app and tag there outfits on it! even flicking through it you can get pretty nice outfits! I also have most of my outfits linked on this!

Shoe Wise


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