Travel tips for budget buyers

Like myself i always try find the cheapest way of travelling and finding bargins. These are a few tips on how to get the best prices and hopefully the cheapest when travelling.


This is one thing i always do when looking up flights etc, flight and hotel websites have cookies which remember you have been on the website and due to this they put the prices up on the flights from just your device as they know you have been looking.

When i am having a look i always use my phone and use incognito browser to see the best price and then whenever it comes to actually booking the flights and hotels i make sure my cookies are cleared and then use my laptop to make sure there is no sign of them knowing i have been looking at the websites.

This helps with trying to keep the cost down on the flights and hotels.


Want to go to a country in particular but quite expensive? Find out when there off-peak time is and try plan your holiday around that time. It means it is going to be quite cheaper than the on-peak times. It also means you can properly enjoy yourself and get to explore the place as there wouldn’t be as much tourists plaguing the place.

Not only flights and hotels but also activities would usually be cheaper as it wouldn’t be as busy and they want some source of income coming in.


I myself know how easy it is to just grab a taxi to go to somewhere but getting a taxi here and there does add up. Yes you are in a country that you have probably never been to before but do have a little look on maps to see how far away you are to things, usually the walking time is less than what it says. I always find when you walk to a place rather than using transport you explore the places more and actually find little  hotspots you would have never found in a taxi.


My no.1 thing when travelling is always researching, I am Quite OCD whenever it comes to travelling, i always have everything planned out to the tea if not it freaks me out lol. When it comes to planning i always research Hotels, activities, food places, drink places and also chill areas. It does make things so much easier so you do have a guide in where you want to go and how much roughly it will be. Also some times if you research enough you can find cheaper deals online than at the actual place.


Yes i said about walking everywhere but sometimes this cant be the case, if so do use public transport, most countries i’ve been to so far the public transport has been amazing and so handy. I would research public transport of the area before going to see what anyone has said about it.


There is such a thing as free activities. You don’t even realise that so much you can do when broke. You can take hikes to places which the views are amazing, public parks – they are also free. Some museums could be free. Google free activities and it will give you ideas of what to do in cities that would be free.


I have mentioned before about free walking tours, basically they are called free walking tours as you don’t pay a certain fee like most tours instead you tip them on how well you think they did. I always research cities if they have free walking tours as they are so handy and actually give more information and are so much more help than your usual tour guide. They tell you local places to go to and also if you are on a budget like myself they do tell you the cheaper places and bars etc. I think they are actually more worth it than a normal tour guide as usually some tour guides get commission on recommending restaurants and bars etc so will tell you to go to somewhere as they will be getting paid for it. My Recommendation of a free walking tour would be Sandermann New Europe Tours they are so honest and really down to earth people just trying to make a living out of something they love!


People don’t realise that these days there is more than just hotels to stay in. Theres hostels, camping, couch surfing, house letting and many more. Struggling to find cheap accommodation? Try some of these websites:

  1. Use my code to get 10% off your first booking!
  2. AirBnB Use this code to get £25 off your first booking!
  3. Camping – just google camping for your destination, yes sometimes it can be dangerous so see if places have campsites available.
  4. HostelWorld
  5. CouchSurfing

In some countries bottled water can be quite expensive. In this case bring your own reusable water, lots of places provide free water. This can save you quite a bit of money especially when bottle water can be quite expensive.


As much as it sounds silly usually local foods are cheaper than your food chain brands etc. It also gives you the chance of trying out the local delicacy. We found the best ones from the locals such as going on free walking tours or from bartenders (gave the best drunk late night foods)

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