Positive mental health

Hi guys,

Since starting my blog I have always wanted it to be positive through my travels and life stories. Although small, I wanted to use this platform in the hope it may help someone struggling. To tell them it’s okay to not be okay. These days I feel like social media can be very negative and I want to try make my page positive as I can.

I myself have suffered with mental health issues; still to this day there can be days that I feel so negative, drained and worthless. I am so thankful I am surrounded by positive people to help me and knowing I have at least one person their to talk to. I want to share my experience and tips, in the hope it can help someone else. To say that everything does work out and tomorrow is a new day.

I was bullied for five years of my secondary school; it was such a hard time for me, thinking I had no friends, no one to talk to for 5 years. The only hope I had was finishing my GCSEs and knowing I wasn’t for staying at that school. I always wanted to move school, I had never been happy in that place. My anxiety was at an all time high. The day I finally moved school was probably the best day of my life at the time. I moved away from the negativity of people and a school that I always felt that I wasn’t good enough for.

My experience of being in such a negative place has taught me that if you’re not happy in a place get out of it. Whether it is school, university or a job. If you’re not happy why be there, yes get your education but move school if need be. From moving school my grades changed  significantly. People tell me I have came out of my shell and have more involved with those around me.

Life is too short to be in a something that you hate, your health is your wealth (yes I sound like every mum on the planet) but its true. Take the leap and try something new you may love it.


I may only be 20 but I have realised to cut negative people out of my life. They may have been your best friend since you were young, although truly be a negative influence on you. You do not need that negativity. I have been in such a friendship. I felt that I was never good enough for the person. When I stopped making an effort there was no effort on their behalf and it said it all. Although it is sad to lost a long time friendship if it was just negative and an effort to keep up, why should we try.

Make an effort with friends and family. Put the phone down while talking, and actually interact with them. I feel like nowadays we think we are interacting when in reality we are talking through screens. Actually ask people to meet up for coffee or go out for dinner and put down your phone. Listen to them, they might be struggling and just need someone to talk to.


I thought I was good at dealing with stress and in reality no one really is. Stress is stress. I always think of a stressful situation and the potential outcome, what is the worst than can happen if you muck up. When I’m actuality that outcome really might not be all that bad, relative to other things which go on. Unless it is a life or death situation, life will go on. No point stressing about the little things, they all build up and you get yourself into a state. I always say this but it is true life is far too short to stress about little things.


For the ladies out there, forget about the supermodels. They have insecurities too even if you think they are perfect. They aren’t.  No one is perfect, be happy with yourself. We all need a bit of self-love and care from time to time. Be confident in your body. People say to me but your skinny it is easy for you to say that. It really isn’t I have my own insecurities, but I deal with them and try be positive about my body and myself. Free your Instagram off the negative profiles and follow positive profiles such as @journey_to_wellness or a great strong positive lady to look up to such as @sineadheg . She is probably one of the most raw but positive bloggers out there. She shows that not every day is a happy day but tomorrow is a new day. She has shown so many young ladies that you can take the leap and travel the world by yourself that you don’t need a man to go with you. A real inspiration in my opinion.


Take some time out of your day to relax. For me this relaxation comes in the form of Yoga; I really do think it helps with your mental attitude. It is me time; relaxing your entire body after a long day. If you are going through exams or just having a stressful time I would recommend going to yoga. Flow Studios is where I go to and they have studios on Hill street and Malone road, in Belfast. The atmosphere of the place is so peaceful. I also use the headspace app before going to bed to help wind down after a long day.


Live your life. Life is for living, so go live it. Do you have dreams of going places? Then go for it. Life is far to short to say I want to travel the world some day. Actually take action in your dreams and do it! You will meet so many amazing people and cultures. The world is your oyster.

Be nice, you never know what someone is going through. Just a simple smile could totally change someone’s day. Smiling at someone will also make you feel better about yourself, knowing you might brighten up someone’s day.

I’m not the best person at the world at putting words into sentences especially with sensitive topics like this. I just wanted to at least try and help one person  to act more positively in life and show that you can get through this. I hope from my experience it will also get people to help others, to reach out and give their support to someone in need.

Love from Frans Travels x

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