Gluten Free Takeaways – Belfast, NI

If anyone knows me they know how my first two years of uni I didn’t use the cooker once lol. I could cook I was just lazy and had the money to spend on takeaways every night. (should have saved it on more holidays lol) I knew every good takeaway in Belfast and well now its a bit of a struggling knowing where to go for being gluten free.

So far these are the takeaways in Belfast I have found that cater to the gluten free diet. Also note even if a takeaway place does tell you its gluten free it may not be. I myself have had a nightmare where they have lied to me and it was proper made of gluten. I was up all night with a sort tummy.

The Welcome, on Stranmillis road

This is also a sit in Restaurant. I found this place online and thought I would try it out. It has won so many awards I thought I might as well try it if it is so good. They didn’t have a gluten free menu as such but told me what they could make gluten free for myself. I got the honey chilli chicken to takeaway. It was sooo nice! they separated everything such as the chicken, sauce and rice. I thought this was a great idea. They have a few other dishes which i must try out. It was definitely gluten free as my tummy was perfect afterward! Although it was quite expensive for a takeaway, it was £12 for that portion. They did say they had a Chinese takeaway down the road which I wasn’t aware of so I will have to try it. Although since its not a restaurant and an actual takeaway I will be a bit weary of it.

Pizza Co, Justeat/On their website/ Have four stores around the Belfast Area, my local is on Botanic

Now i am obsessed with Pizza co, I never went for Dominos it was always Pizza Co. When i found out they did Gluten free bases I was sooo happy! They only have 10inches in Gluten free bases. They can make normal pizzas and also garlic bread pizza. Although they don’t do there doughballs gluten free I was still so happy that they could make pizza gluten free. They also do the gluten free pizzas separately from the normal pizzas to reduce the risk of cross contamination. They also open til 4am which is fab for after a night running around Botanic Avenue looking for food!

Pizza Express, Deliveroo/ Bedford Street/ Victoria Square/ St Annes Square Belfast

Pizza Express on the Deliveroo app is the handiest thing ever. No ringing up making sure its gluten free. It has the gluten free opinion on the doughballs and pizza. They even do chicken wings! It is also helpful that they also have (GF) on the gluten free things most restaurants on the app don’t show it. It is kind of expensive but worth it! If you are with o2 Priority i know they have an offer for main courses only a fiver.

Pizza Punk, Deliveroo/Cathedral Quarter

Want a stone baked pizza gluten free with everything you want on it for £10 – Heres where to go! Such a funky place to eat in and to get straight to your door! So many different toppings you wouldn’t even think of putting on a pizza.

Nu Delhi, Just Eat/Great Victoria Street

This is my favourite Indian in Belfast, for takeaway and sit in. All the Main courses are gluten free and they have their menu online is very easily layout to show if a dish is gluten free or not.  Good portion sizes.


Frankie and Benny’s, Deliveroo/ Victoria square

Frankie and Benny’s is a great choice for the kids. They do burgers, pasta and pizzas gluten free. yet to order a takeaway but waiting for the day i’m hanging and dying for a burger to order one.


Nando’s, Deliveroo

You can order Nando’s off Deliveroo, very handy if your craving one but don’t want to move off the sofa. Nando’s is near enough all gluten free except for the breads and wraps etc the usual stuff. Your not going to be missing out on any of the sauces or the peri peri salt as they are all gluten free! I have no worries about gluten free as i know that the chicken and chips wont be made with gluten.


BaoBun,  Deliveroo/ Botanic Avenue

My first time trying Bao was in Berlin and i love it. Bao is Taiwanese Street Food. If you are vegan and gluten free this is a great opinion for yourself. Unfortunately all there meats are cooked in gluten soy sauce so i was unable to get meat. There actual bao buns are also not gluten free, this was upsetting although i ordered a box. I got fries which were gluten freeee (yayy) with the tofu and the sweet and spicy combo. This combo is Sweet Chilli, Pickled Red Onion, Ponzu Chilli’s & Cheese Curds. They also have a vegan combo (Asian Slaw, Lime & Coriander, Pickled Red Cabbage & Crispy Shallots).

It was delicious, i really enjoyed it! Tasted so fresh and full of flavour. I will definitely be back!2018-10-16 18:02:19.114-1

Boojum, Deliveroo/Botanic Avenue/City centre

For all you Mexican lovers. Boojum is such a big hype in Belfast, especially with boys. Most of their stuff is gluten free so i may just say what isn’t. There tortilla wraps, mexican savoury rice, chilli con carne, churros, breakfast burritos are not. So gluten free guys are able to get their bowls, tacos, nachos and salads. A lot of opinions. I  think the bowl is also great price for how much it is. They literally pack it to the top with all the nice fresh ingredients. I also loveee nachos so i was very happy that they did them! Real good spot if your a student, definitely a hangover cure.


Pablos, Church Lane, Belfast

Hands down Pablos do the best burgers in Belfast. It cures hangovers. There is something about the burgers that taste so good. They have a great selection of burgers to choose from and there fries are so decent, such a nice spice on them.


Hatch, Falls Road, Belfast

Hatch has only opened a couple of month ago. It is already being raved about. Unfortunately every time I have tried to sit in they are closed but now they have a late opening and takeaways available so I will definitely be trying it out now. If you love dishes with eggs this is the place to go as you can see from the cafe name. I visited their stall at the twilight market in St. Georges Market. They didn’t have any gluten free baps but were able to give me there loaded fries. I loved them. So much flavour.


Fish City, Ann Street

Now I’m not a fan of fish and chips but I know others are and I’ve Been told about this so I thought I would add it in for the fish and chip lovers. Every Wednesday they do gluten free Wednesday! This is fab as you know there fryers would have no gluten involved at all! I will have to try a few chips from them!


Macau, Ormeau Road

I have heard good reviews of this Chinese for getting gluten free. Unfortunately they don’t deliver to my house or else I would have tried it before now. I ordered Honey Chilli Chicken and Noodles. This is the first time I have went to a Chinese asked for gluten free and they have said I can have noodles as a side so I had to try them out. They were fab and even better the honey chilli chicken was gluten free and battered! This made me very happy as most places just do plain chicken not your usual Chinese battered chicken.


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