Gluten Free Cafes – Belfast, NI

Hi Guys,

As this is my guide to Gluten Free menus in Cafes across Northern Ireland. I will be updating it every time i go somewhere different so remember to come back and check out my new discoveries!

**Please note obviously Menus change etc so i’m posting a picture to give a rough idea!**

I hope you all enjoy my guide to help find the best Gluten free cafes available!

Bob and Berts, Cafes all over NI (some opening up in Scotland soon also!)

This is a big hype at the minute, with having cafes across Northern Ireland it is a great spot to pop into! They do fab coffee and also fab food! I was so happy to see such a good breakfast and lunch range menu. I decided to get a burger as it has been ages since i’ve had one. The burger bap just tasted like a normal bap i was so buzzing! They have their gluten free menu on their website if you wanted to see it just incase it changes!

Slims Healthy Kitchen, Lisburn Road, Belmont Road and Magherafelt.

The new Slims opened up in Magherafelt and was such a big hype. It is a local lunch spot now for the girlies. Tasty smoothies and healthy but nice food! They have the same menu for all 3 restaurants and you can also click and collect which is brilliant if your in a hurry but want something healthy! I recently went for the Burger which had a gluten free soda farl bun, it was quite different to have a soda farl as a bun on a burger but it worked well! I really like the look of the menu and excited to try other bits of the menu! They also have a breakfast menu which is great for a bit of brunch. They seem like they have a big range of Gluten free dishes. I dont know if you would classify it as a Restaurant or a Cafe so i am just putting it on both lol.


Curated Kitchen, Belfast

This was a new spot for me, never heard of it and i was glad i tried it. It is across from University of Ulster Belfast/ St Annes Cathedral. Quirky wee cafe stop with great coffee. Basically they change their menus weekly although they take recipes out of cookbooks. I thought this was quite different and cool. On the menu it tells you where they got the recipe from which means you can go home and find the recipe and try it at home! They labelled what was gluten free on the menu and also said they could adapt dishes to suit us.


Tony and Jens, Lisburn Road Belfast

I went here for breakfast on Sunday morning, the place was buzzing. Tony and Jens is a healthy cafe with mostly vegan foods. I asked for the gluten free menu and she said every dish is gluten free except for the sourdough bread! I was so happy as they had pancakes on the menu and i’ve been craving pancakes since starting my gluten free diet.

This is such a spot if you want to eat out but be healthy, are a vegan or gluten free. So much choice on the menu and didn’t make me feel bad for eating out as it was all healthy!



Miel et Moi, Lisburn Road

Miel et Moi is a really cute fancy cafe on the Lisburn road. Such an Instagramable spot. They do afternoon tea and is a great spot for brunch. Mum and I popped in for a bit of lunch on a Saturday. We luckily got a table (recommended to book on a Saturday). The menu had Bruschetta on it and was able to be done gluten free. This is one of my favourite lunch time snacks. It tasted soo good and will definitely be wanting to get it again from here.A bit pricey but worth it. Such a good atmosphere.





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