Gluten Free Restaurants – Belfast, NI

This lil post is going to have restaurants all around Northern Ireland that have been a great help for us gluten free people. I will try attach menus so you can have a lil glance at what they can provide us with. **Note obviously menus change, it is just to give us a rough idea of where to eat and not be afraid of going to restaurants.

Zizzi – Chain restaurant which are all across the UK.

I visited Zizzi’s in Edinburgh and i loved it! I wasn’t to sure if they would do gluten free options and wow i was surprised. There non-gluten menu was so helpful and easy to understand. They also have on their website showing things on the non-gluten menu. I was so happy when  i seen they can do Doughballs gluten free, these are literally my favourite food lol i don’t know why i love them so much. I really enjoyed my meal in Zizzi’s and really happy their is a few restaurants around the country. It makes it easier to know that there is a place that can cater to you all across the UK than just the one restaurant you like from your town.

Welcome Restaurant, On Stranmillis Road. Belfast

As i said on my takeaway post, the welcome restaurant does both sit in and takeaway. I got a takeaway from here although the restaurant part of it looked lovely and even just talking to some of the staff they were so helpful and understanding about allergies. They were also saying that they have alot of Vegan dishes available. I really enjoyed my takeaway and excited to go and have a sit down meal in the restaurant.

Little Wings, Few stores located around NI. I got to the one beside Victoria Square

As you have guessed i love pizza. Little wings are known for their 24″ pizzas which would do more than 4 people! I myself love Little Wings for there authentic stone baked oven pizzas. Although i do feel in them types of ovens there is a bigger risk of cross contamination.  They do 11″ pizzas for us gluten free people. I have tried them a few times and seen they are very careful with the gluten free pizzas so there is very little risk of cross contamination. For gluten free pizza it is the best i have tried yet!

Slims Healthy Kitchen, Lisburn Road, Belmont Road and Magherafelt.

The new Slims opened up in Magherafelt and was such a big hype. It is a local lunch spot now for the girlies. Tasty smoothies and healthy but nice food! They have the same menu for all 3 restaurants and you can also click and collect which is brilliant if your in a hurry but want something healthy! I recently went for the Burger which had a gluten free soda farl bun, it was quite different to have a soda farl as a bun on a burger but it worked well! I really like the look of the menu and excited to try other bits of the menu! They also have a breakfast menu which is great for a bit of brunch. They seem like they have a big range of Gluten free dishes. I don’t know if you would classify it as a Restaurant or a Cafe so i am just putting it on both lol. img_6644Nando’s, All over the UK

Nando’s is near enough all gluten free except for the breads and wraps etc the usual stuff. Your not going to be missing out on any of the sauces or the peri peri salt as they are all gluten free! Nando’s is my hangover cure so its great to go and have no worries about gluten free as i know that the chicken and chips wont be made with gluten. img_8884Nu Delhi, Just Eat/Great Victoria Street

This is my favourite Indian in Belfast, sit in and takeaway. All the Main courses are gluten free and they have their menu is very easily layout to show if a dish is gluten free or not.  Good portion sizes. Try some of their cocktails they are amazeee img_7352Pizza Punk,Cathedral Quarter, Belfast/ Deliveroo

Want a pizza gluten free with everything you want on it for £10 – Heres where to go! Such a funky place to eat in! So many different toppings you wouldn’t even think of putting on a pizza, They do real nice funky drinks.

Bootleggers, Church Lane, Belfast (beside Victoria Square)

One of my fav burger spots in Belfast. They have weird and funky cocktails that are sure to make you feeling tipsy. I had been scared of going here after finding out I cant eat gluten as it is a burger and tacos place. Somewhere that is full of gluten. I decided to have a go and try anyway. I was so surprised they were able to do there burgers gluten free and chips etc. They unfortunately couldn’t do the tacos gluten free as they didn’t have gluten free wraps.  I was happy that I could have there beautiful yummy burgers. P.s for my Vegan peps the Vegan tacos are meant to be fab which my friend got! img_8530La Taqueria, Castle street, Belfast

I am a massive fan of Mexican and this has definitely been the best Mexican in Belfast. Gluten free and wanting to get tacos etc when out for dinner is a struggle. I was very happy to find out that most of there menu was gluten free. We got the Quacamole for starter which was so nice. I then got a special of which was tacos with pork and pineapple. Best tacos I have had yet. So much flavour. As a side we got Papitas Fritas, which also tasted fab.

Cyprus Avenue, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast

I went here for my friends birthday. Really funky interior and it has just recently been extended. Most of the menu was gluten free, I was told which dishes weren’t. I ordered the goats cheese starter. I was given gluten free bread instead of the normal bread that went very well with the goats cheese. For mains I got the BBQ beef ribs, quite a big plate full. Tasted just like normal bbq ribs not that special but still quite a change for eating out.

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