My Top 5 Cocktail bars in Belfast

Hi Guys,

This is a question I get asked A LOT. ‘Where is the best places to go for cocktails’ ‘Where does nice cocktails in Belfast’ ‘How do you find the funky cocktail bars’

I decided to write a post of it to show my favourite cocktail bars to go to in Belfast. They are the most Instagrammable places or just have great cocktails!

In no particular order:


One of the best bars in Belfast in my opinion. It is in between a bar and Nightclub. Real funky tunes and cocktails. I really love the variety of cocktails you can get. If you haven’t noticed the fruit punch bowl is my fav. It tastes so nice and still is full of alcohol.


Babel is a rooftop bar on top of the hotel Bullit. It would be a very classy bar I would say. Quite expensive cocktails but tasty. The views are fab from the front and back of the upstairs area.


The Tipsy Bird has such funky but beautiful interior. You can really see there was a lot of thought put into the works of the place. If you go during the week it is kind of quiet but still a buzz around the place with live music. At the weekend the place has such an amazing atmosphere. Everyone is there to have a good time. I really love the cocktails such nice flavours. The service in the place is top notch also you can really see the bartenders enjoy working there.


This is quite a small bar but one of my favourites to go to for sure. It is mainly a gin bar so if you love gin I would definitely recommend this. Their cocktails are strong and fab. I am a massive fan of the interior. Down stairs they have underwear on the roof which is interesting but makes me giggle.


I know I have said 3 bars but if I go to one of them I tend to go to all 3. They are all in the same building each with a different style.

The perch is a rooftop bar with very quirky interior, such a vibe in the summer when the sun is out. I love their cocktail menu as they change it to the season eg summer menu and winter menu. Summer they have fruity refreshing cocktails where as winter they have hot or chocolatey cocktails.

Sweet Afton is the bar on the bottom floor. It is quite a big spacious bar with fab cocktails. The Matron of Edgar House is my favourite cocktail in Sweet Afton. They also do real nice bar snacks. It is a better bar for bigger groups compared to Ritas and The Perch.

Ritas is on the bottom floor as well although I always miss it every time I try find it as it has a small entrance. They usually have a DJ on Friday and Saturdays. I love it for couply/intimate drinks. It is small but really cosy. Bottoms up Zombie and Rising Sun Sling are my favourite cocktails in Ritas.





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