Hey guys,

Was I in London this month? You wouldn’t have know with the 10 Instagram posts and the amount of stories. Anyways I have received SOOO many messages about recommendations, so I wanted to get this done as soon as so I can give everyone my recommendations!!

First of all I had thee best weekend. I had never been to London (yes v. surprising) but was very excited for it. It was so fun and packed full of things to do! It really is an amazing city just bring your wallet as it is quite pricey. Hopefully my recommendations can help with finding a few cheaper places.

We stayed Thursday – Sunday which allowed us to get soooo much done. I would recommend planning it all out in advance and booking so places before as well if you really wanna do them.

Flights – Ryanair – Stansted

As Eunan and I were flying from different airports, Ryanair seemed to be the best option especially with the flight arrival times being 20 minutes apart. Although I’m not a huge fan of flying with Ryanair I chose them, in hindsight I would pay a bit extra to flight to a different airport. Stansted is an hour and a half from Central London so wasted time getting to and from the Airport. We had such an issue with getting home as the train line was closed so all trains to Stansted were cancelled. This hour and a half journey took 3 hours.. We luckily were going to the airport early anyway, and I booked Eunan into Fast track security which saved him from missing his flight. My flight wasn’t til 2 hours after Eunans so I just did normal security although it took an hour to go through security.. I would book fast track security the next time so I didn’t have an hour wait. The poor man beside me missed his flight because of the security. So you definitely have be early for stansted incase of anything happening.

Hotel – Easyhotel, South Kensington

For 3 nights our hotel was roughly £170 pound which for London was very cheap. Although I would definitely not stay here again. It was too cheap. Our room was a box with an airplane toilet. It was mad how small it was but well it was cheap so did the job. If you were for staying at an Easyhotel I would recommend getting a room with a window. Even if it is £50 more expensive it is worth it. It was so warm and no fresh air getting in. We didn’t use the shower ( yes smelly people) as it just went everywhere with turning it on for a minute, besides washing our hair.

We tried Airbnb but everywhere was too far out of the city. The location for the Easyhotel was great though! It was so close to an underground station and only a few stops for everywhere we wanted to go.

Elan cafe – Knightsbridge

I would not recommend here. Yes go for the pic but other than that nope. Service was pathetic. I was told there was gluten free options for me and once seated the waiter came to take the order I asked for the Acai bowl and he said they couldn’t make me it because it had gluten in it… on the menus beside it has the letters GF for gluten free obviously. I then asked what else can be done gluten free and he said oh nothing can be it is all cross contaminated. For one of the most “instagrammed” spots in London it was shocking that they lie on their menu about gluten free options and to have such bad service. We decided to just get a coffee which the waiter had the manners to ask if I was allowed a latte and if it would have gluten in it…. for him obviously knowing I was gluten free he had the cheek to ask if I was able to have a latte.

Anyway we had our 2 coffees which I might add cost us £16 for 2 frigging coffees we got our pic and left. If I was looking to go for the Instagram I would just walk in get a pic and then run lol not worth the hassle I was caused. (And no I’m not a picky brat, I just appreciate good service and not be lied to)

Peggy Porschen

After the Elan Cafe incident, we arrived at this cafe. The queue outside was massive and so we didn’t try here especially knowing it was all cakes and doubting they had gluten free options. But I got my picture outside, and the staff were happy enough to let me get a picture without buying anything so I was happy.

Sicily Restaurant

We spotted this restaurant down the road from Peggy Porschen. During the day they did a pizza and a glass of wine/beer for £15. I thought this was great pricing. They also had 2 courses for £15.95 I think which was also great.

They were able to give me a gluten free pizza which tasted like proper Italian pizza. It was really amazing and I would recommend if you were looking for cheap pizza in the area.

Buckingham palace

I couldn’t not get a pic at the queens crib.

Piccadilly Circus

It was pouring at this point so we spend probably just a minute outside when at Piccadilly. Still was real cool. We visit a few shops around it. There was a cool department store I don’t remember the name but they had red sauce bottles as there front display which I LOVED lol.

When around Piccadilly you have to visit the M & M world. It was far to over crowded but real cool picking what colour of M & Ms you want.

China town

We didn’t stop into any of the restaurants as we just ate but the area looked like a fab place to grab food. so much asian food to choose from. Will definitely check this area out again when I am next back in London.


Blame Gloria

This is a wee spot I found on Instagram. It looked really funky. If you go onto their website before going and sign up to their newsletter and you can get a free cocktail. We landed at happy hour so every drink was buy one get one free which was great.


This was a place I found on google for cheap cocktails. It was quite a mysterious place. Down in a basement with funky music. Felt like a really alternative art gallery. But it was cheap drink so we were happy enough. Really cool spot.


Duck and Waffle

I would recommend to book before going. I found this place the night before we went and I wish I found it before then. We got the only table available the whole weekend which was at 7:30am but it was totally worth it. We were given probably the best table in the whole restaurant, I was so happy. To make me even happier they were able to do gluten free waffles… GLUTEN FREE WAFFLES. The service and food was unreal, such an amazing breakfast. So worth the early morning. SO thankful for the weather also as I had a few message me saying they had went but the weather was shocking so it wasn’t as worth it.

Tower Bridge & London Bridge

I was pretty thankful of the weather we got. It was snowing at home and we had clear blue skies and sunshine. Made walking around so much easier and beautiful. We walked across Tower Bridge and went along the canal passed city hall towards London Bridge. (Big fan of the Apprentice so thought city hall was such a cool building).

 Sky Garden 

This has to be on your Bucket-list for London and to make it even better, entry is free. We unfortunately didn’t realise you had to book but luckily got in during the walk in slot. We landed at 9:30 although the walk in time doesn’t start til 10 but they took us anyway. Definitely go early for this if you haven’t booked a slot as whenever we were leaving the queue was out the door around the side. I am a sucker for Botanical gardens and this was something else. Just so cool and beautiful. Seeing London from up high in such a cool atmosphere.

Big Ben

It was being renovated so it wasn’t the best craic visiting it.

Trafalgar Square

A place on the London bucket-list. There was people singing and creating art in the square was pretty cool.

Neals Yard

I spotted this place on Instagram a few weeks before. I thought it was in Camden but it wasn’t far from Trafalgar Square. There was a few funky food places in the yard.


Gluten free, dairy free, alcohol free, vegan and sugar free. MAD how a cafe could be all of this! We got soup as we wanted something warm and it was actually delicious! The place was also very funky.


St Pauls Cathedral

The famous Cathedral of London. I seen picture inspo from instagram of where to get a real cool photo of the cathedral, go to One New Change and at the entrance is the perfect insta pic. Also if you get the lift to the top of the shopping centre type place there is a bar and a bit of outside space which you can chill and have a drink or just enjoy the view.


Now obviously you can’t go to London and go for a bit of shopping. We popped into Selfridges and Harrods. One secret cool spot I found on the gram was God’s own Junk Yard. This seemed so cool although the real junkyard is like an hour outside of London. Luckily Selfridges has a stand and a corridor full of the neon signs. So funky.

Bill’s Restaurant

We were kind-of in a rush so got the tube to get close to where the theatre was and try find some sort of food in the area. This was actually quite hard as most places where booked up but luckily we got a table in Bill’s. I had never heard of it before but it seems to be a chain as such.

Food was nice enough and even better they gave me a free glass of Prosecco for it being international women’s day so that was fab.



If you go to London I would high advise you to go see a musical. Eunan got us Wicked tickets for my birthday which was a good call from him. The show was amazing! It was such a cool experience and the atmosphere was class. Definitely would recommend. Worth the money.


One of the most popular bars in London. Basically sketch is a bar but has numerous rooms with different themes. We landed at a good time as we got the last table in one of the rooms for food I would recommend to book although we were just going for a drink. The room we first went into was quite funky and really good vibes. It was quite expensive I got a cocktail and eunan got a gin and tonic and it was £36….. 3 6 Pound. Really couldn’t believe it, but worth it if you’re looking to go out for a flashy night.

Might need to get your house remortgaged if your planning on staying for the evening.

The main reason people go are the toilets so after a few questions being asked we found the funky toilets. I think the price of the drinks were worth it. Such cool ass toilets.

I would recommend going here for one and go have a peak in each room as each one is very different.


We decided to hit Camden Town the next day. Got the tube out to it. It was actually surprisingly close by from Kensington.

The place was buzzing, there was so many people around and everywhere was full of colour.

I had to get the photo near the Camden lock sign.

We walked around Camden market the food part of it first as we were starving. There was so much to choose from especially gluten free wise there was soooo much! I was very happy.

Cafe Chula

I spotted a Mexican (do I even like Mexican) so went here. It was on the ground floor of the markets but in a building.

It was really nice. Such good flavours.

Camden market

I didn’t realise how massive the place was. You could spend days going around the market. So many vintage and funky shops. You would really need to take your time in shops to find the good stuff.

I would love to come back in the summer to chill out in the beer gardens with the sun shining down, be real nice.

Pam Ban

Coffee House situated in the Camden Lock. It has a Sri Lanka/Indian Vibe off it. Eunan got a cappuccino and I got a hot chocolate. Proper hipster hot chocolate having a glass of hot milk in glass with a block of chocolate. The food looked decent.



There is so much art and cool places in Shoreditch. Around every corner there is wall art. If your into vintage shops go to brick lane in shoreditch. The street is full of it.

We walked to Boxpark in Shoreditch which is shipping containers made into shops and restaurants. Real cool. Something different compared to a normal shopping centre type of place.

London Cocktail Club 

We walked into here around 4.55 thinking we were the first to come in as it opened at 5. We got the last table available for the night… I would recommend to book it as it is great for happy hour. 2 cocktails for £12 was great! There cocktails are really different flavours and the staff are nutters. They were screaming random numbers and swinging the lamps from the roof lol. It was real funky could have stayed there all night.

On Sunday we had half a day left before we had to get our flights home. I really wanted to go to Hamleys so we got the tube over to Oxford Circus.

Joe and the juice

I see all the fitness bloggers posting about this place on there Stories so we had an hour to chill before the shops actually opened so went in here for some breakfast. Juices were nice and fresh and they were able to do gluten free panini’s which was great.



I would recommend here even if  you are an adult. It is so cool and they have so much interaction with the customers.

I even bought myself a Hamleys Teddy

Oxford Circus

If you wanna go shopping for the day I would recommend going here. There is sooo many shops, high street and designer. Everywhere is so much more funker than your normal high street shops to. Like Topshop had a DJ.

Kingly court

A place we were recommended although we accidentally found it. There was many different types of restaurants/cafes that would suit everyone. It basically an outdoor area.

Rum Kitchen

This is situated in Kingly Court. A Caribbean inspired restaurant. We just got plates of wings and chips but they were tasty. The spices were hot fire. During happy hour they have certain cocktails for £5.


Gluten free and Vegan free Icecream and waffles yes plz. They tasted the exact same as normal icecream and waffles. Even Eunan loved it.


After this we started to travel to the airport. We luckily made it home some how after the whole train line was canceled… Thank you London railways. Tip: make sure you have plenty of time to get to the airport as it was a close one with going to the airport 4 hours early lol.

Before I arrived, I did an Instagram Story asking for Recommendations, unfortunately I didn’t get through all them as you would definitely need more than just a weekend. Here is the list of the recommendations I got, that maybe some of you can try out!

    Big Tip for London: really research if you are looking to go to cheap places. Look out for happy hours. I was told about an app called DUSK. It shows you the bars of the city and also if there is any places around you that give out free drinks. We didn’t use it as we weren’t drinking that much but I would definitely recommend to use it to save a few pound. Also as I said with Blame Gloria bar look out for bars that have sign up letters with free drink and just unsubscribe afterward. Research cheap bars in London.
    Another Tip: Favourite all the locations you want to go to on your maps. This makes it easier if you don’t remember about everywhere you wanted to visit. I found this so helpful for whenever we were hungry, I had favourited a restaurant in near enough every area.

Check out what I wore in London HERE

Love Frans Travels xx

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