Small swaps that make a difference to the Environment

Hi guys,

If you don’t know this already I am very passionate towards the Environment and how to become more eco friendly.

I have decided to write a post on little changes you can make to your day. These changes may be small but in the long term make such a difference!

  • Toothbrush

I have made the switch to a Bamboo Toothbrush. I actually prefer this to a normal Toothbrush. One bamboo toothbrush is the equivalent of 4 Plastic Toothbrushes. Already saving a difference.
Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Shampoo and Conditioner

Two brands I have been using to cut out the use of plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles are Lush and We are Paradoxx.

I am loving Lush Shampoo and Conditioner Bars plainly because they are easy to use, natural and are very handy for travelling. This is my go to for travellers.
Lush Shampoo

We are Paradoxx is a new Irish brand on the market. They have gifted me a few products to try and I genuinely love them. The products are made of a blend of Irish ingredients. If you even just smell the products you will love them! They are 90% Plastic Free, most of their packaging is Aluminium . It is great to see a hair brand that actually wants to make a difference to the environment. 1% of the companies total sales every year to non profit organisations trying to restore our planet for the future.

I am not a person to jump at a product if I got sent it but the products and the cause behind the brand are really up my street. I would really recommend them.
We are Paradoxx Products
  • Plastic Bottles

Grab yourself a metal or glass bottle. There is soo many reasons to use a reusable bottle instead of buying a plastic one every time. Not only are you saving yourself money but saving the environment in wasting a plastic bottle. So many places give out free tap water so why not. Only a tiny percent of plastic bottles are recycled. I don’t think people realise how bad plastic bottles are for not only the environment but also ourselves. The toxins in plastic bottles are so bad for use and we should be staying away from using plastic bottles/plates/cups to drink and eat out of.
Chilly Metal Water Bottle
Glass Water Bottle
  • Cotton Buds

I personally don’t use them but Eunan does. I have bought him Organic biodegradable ones.
Cotton Buds
  • Coffee Cup

Get yourself a travel Coffee cup. This has benefits. Quite a few coffee companies give money off if you bring in your own cup. Coffee for a cheaper price yes please!
Coffee Cup


  • Metal Straw

If you aren’t on the metal straw hype you are missing out. Think about the turtles. Im sure we have all seen the video of the poor turtle with the straw stuck up his nose. Do you want to be that guy that did this to the poor turtle.
Metal Straw
  • Plastic Bag

Always Carry a couple of Plastic/Cotton Bags with you. This saves buying one.


  • Metal Razor

This is one for both men and women. If you think about how many times you throw out a used plastic razor. It is mad. Earth Made NI sell the metal ones which you can change the blade so you are keeping it for a good while. It may take a time to get use to but a change that is worth it.
Safety Razor
  • Day to day soap

A bar of soap. It is cheap and cheerful. Reduces buying a plastic bottle of soap.

Screenshot 2019-05-14 at 15.11.48
Bar of Soap
  • Shop local/organic

From Shopping local I have noticed more food is not covered in plastic. Nearly all towns have a little grocery shop with fresh fruit and veg. A lot of the time they actually aren’t covered in plastic and you could use your own cotton bags to take them home.

This also goes for meat. You can bring in your own food containers to the butchers instead of using plastic bags.

  • Deodorant

This is one thing I barely used before since I don’t really sweat. I never liked Deodorant as it is sooo bad for you. So many bad chemicals in a can. I bought this one on Amazon and I am loving it. All natural and plastic free.


I hope this helps a few of you all turn a few of your day to day items plastic free. Every small step helps!

Love Frans Travels x








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