Mental Health in University

Hi guys,

I wanted to write this post in the hope that it may help someone that may struggle with University life.

Uni can be the best years of your life or it can be maybe the worst. It is a brand new experience from school life especially being away from home for the first time with that sense of freedom and independence.

I find that Uni can be quite overwhelming with given work to do within deadlines that actually need to be done for that deadline. You have this workload to do all by yourself with not much support.

Mental Health in Universities should be number one priority as everything is new to students. I myself have found my head could be all over the place during term time with the pressure of work along with the pressure of going out.

I wanted to say a few things to those who have just started university that it’s okay to not be okay and the help is there for you!

Everything was so new to me to starting uni, it is overwhelming but try to relax and take each day as it comes.

In uni life there is such a pressure of drink which to be fair I loved the socialising part of it going to the Hatfield meeting new people, making drunk bathroom friends but you do not need to be drinking every night.

Going into final year now I have realised that you do not need to drink to have fun in university. There is soo many things you can do instead which probably would be half the price of a night out. Go bowling, out for dinner, cinema, mini golf, comedy club, theatre, pool.

Don’t feel pressurised into drinking if you don’t want to. Just relax and take an early night, you will feel better for it in the morning.

As a student realistically you will be broke. You will think you won’t need an overdraft but you will lol. If your money situation is getting to you the student support in the universities are there to help you out. Student support are amazing for giving advice on money management and advice on how to apply for hardship.

You will make friends!! Your first day of uni is like your first day of school all over again. You probably don’t know anyone in your course but that is perfectly fine. Everyone is on the same boat as you. Be yourself and you will make you friends.

Uni life can be all go 24/7 but remember to have a day off too. First year, I exhausted myself out, my body couldn’t hack the drinking, the late nights and the bad food. I was bed bound for a week or two to rest my body and my skin, as it was the worst it’s ever been. After this I knew I had to pace myself and I hope that no one gets this exhausted from uni life as it was not the nicest.

I found actually signing up to the gym and going to Yoga during Uni helped my mind so much so I would recommend others to do so also. Exercise is amazing for your mind so go for it.

Join the clubs and societies. There is so many clubs and societies in the universities and there is no harm in going and seeing the craic with some of them. University is a time to really find yourself and try out new things. Why not join the tennis club or the computer games society. Your friends may not want to go but who cares go and do something you might really enjoy. These clubs and societies are a great way of making new friends.

Remember that not everything is perfect on social media. You might be seeing everyone putting up snaps of their night out looking like they are having the time of their lives but they may not be. Just remember that.

If you don’t like your course go talk to your course director they will happily chat to you about issues and they could maybe change you to a different course or give you the support you need to find what you want to do.

Keep in contact with your school friends. They are their to talk to if you need them. Check up on them also and see how they are getting on.

For anyone that is struggling and want to talk all the University’s have excellent Student support centres. They have counselling services and support for any of your needs. It is also all confidential.

If you don’t feel like talking to student support and want to talk to an actual student the student unions are also there for you. I am also there if you want to give me a message, we can sit down and talk about it.

Please don’t sit in silence, talk about it and remember it’s okay to not be okay!

Lots of love, Frans travels x



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