Salzburg (Winter Edition)

Salzburg the Winter Edition. January 2019

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Salzburg (Summer Edition)

Salzburg has to be one of the most magical places I have ever been to.

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July 2017, my family and myself decided not to go to central Italy this year and go to Sicily, the country Italy kicked into the sea.

We travelled around to a few parts of Sicily; each place was so different compared to each other.

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For Christmas this year instead of buying silly gifts I decided to buy Eunan a holiday (more a present for myself since I was joining him lols).

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Berlin (Summer Edition)


Eunan and Myself went Interrailing, summer 2017

Our first stop was the vibrant city of Berlin. Berlin was definitely a spot i would go back to as there was still places i would love to visit. Its a very hipster city i would say yet still full to the brim with culture. Continue reading “Berlin (Summer Edition)”

Amalfi Coast


Audrey Hepburn eat your heart out 🤩

Our yearly holiday to Italy… this year on the Amalfi Coast! Italy’s most famous coast.

It is definitely not a student backpackers holiday spot. Italy itself I always think is an expensive holiday although it is always worth it! The Amalfi Coast is a very wealthy part of the country,

We stayed in Maiori probably the best place to stay in my opinion on the Amalfi Coast as it is probably the cheapest.. for 5 of us we stayed at Angelina Apartments these were 1 min walk from the beach, it was perfect.

Quick tip about the beaches, most have beds which you need to pay for which can be quite expensive enough although there is always a free beach somewhere just look for the place with the least amount of umbrellas and more colours in a spot. Even ask around for the free beaches. Continue reading “Amalfi Coast”



This year myself and Eunan (boyfriend) felt like going half way across the world and well no better place than Bali to explore for roughly 2 weeks.

Stop 1 Seminyak

As we had 30 hours of travelling just to get there we decided to start of with somewhere close to the airport. Seminyak was roughly 1 hour car journey from Denpasar airport (lots of traffic around this area). From airport to hotel you are probably best asking your hotel for a airport transfer as the drivers at the airport were very expensive. We landed around 5pm ishh so wasn’t much to do more explore the streets around us and get settled into our hotel. Continue reading “Bali”