Mental Health in University

Hi guys,

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How to survive A long haul flight

Hi guys,

Long Haul flights, the worst part of travelling. I have got together a few tips to help long hauls not seem as bad as they are.

Hope this helps some of you x

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Small swaps that make a difference to the Environment

Hi guys,

If you don’t know this already I am very passionate towards the Environment and how to become more eco friendly.

I have decided to write a post on little changes you can make to your day. These changes may be small but in the long term make such a difference!

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Perfect gluten free pancakes



One of my favourite food is Pancakes and I always feel it is so hard to find actually nice gluten free pancakes.

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Hey guys,

Was I in London this month? You wouldn’t have know with the 10 Instagram posts and the amount of stories. Anyways I have received SOOO many messages about recommendations, so I wanted to get this done as soon as so I can give everyone my recommendations!!

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London Outfits

SHEIN -Your Online Fashion Blouse

Hi guys,

I got ask a few times about what I wore in London and where pieces are from so thought I would write a lil post on them and tag where everything is from. Continue reading “London Outfits”

Social Media Detox

Hi guys,

Last week I took a week off social media. I deleted all the apps off my phone and turned off email notifications. Continue reading “Social Media Detox”

Salzburg (Winter Edition)

Salzburg the Winter Edition. January 2019

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