How to survive A long haul flight

Hi guys,

Long Haul flights, the worst part of travelling. I have got together a few tips to help long hauls not seem as bad as they are.

Hope this helps some of you x


The most important thing is to keep hydrated. It is so important as planes dehydrate you. Drink water regularly not all at once so you are not running to the toilet.

Also bring a water bottle so you can refill it up.
Metal Water Bottle

No alcohol or coffee

I know everyone loves a drink at the airport bar before going on holidays but the best thing to do is not drink. Alcohol dehydrates you and is really not going to help you on a long haul flight.

Coffee also dehydrates you and full of caffeine so if you are wanting to try relax and maybe sleep on the flight definitely not a good idea. Try Decaf coffee or tea if so.

Move around the plane  

It is so important to get up and walk around the plane every couple of hours. It helps keep your circulation flowing especially in your legs. It helps avoid blood clots and Deep Vein Thrombosis. Even move your legs doing a few exercises at your seat if you don’t want to get up.

Get a pair of flight socks. They help with the circulation.

Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 09.22.17
Flight Socks

Comfortable clothes

No tight clothes. Something you can wear that is easy to relax in/sleep in. Remember you are going to be in these clothes for HOURS. Layers are your best option also. One minute the plane could be roasting the next it is freezing. Best being prepared. I would always bring long cardigans that can be used as a blanket.

Pick a good seat

Most long haul flights you get to pick your seat. If you want extra leg room try get a exit row seat. I would try get a Aisle seat so you are not jumping over someone every time you need to go to the toilet etc.

Prepare yourself for the jet lag

I try to get into the countries time zone before getting there. So depend your sleeping time on what time you land in the countries. If you are landing in the morning sleep on the plane on the way to. If you are landing at night time try stay up or even a half an hour nap at the start of the flight.

Usually in long haul it is a two flight journey so try for example if you do land in the morning of your last flight go for a couple hours sleep on the first flight and try stay up during the layover and then sleep the full trip of the last flight.

In Bali I didn’t have any jet lag which was amazing.


Especially since I am gluten free I bring my snacks on planes. I would definitely recommend bring some snacks on the plane to have. Cereal bars and crisps would be my best option. Something to nibble at but would fill you up. Long haul flights all do serve you food but you might sleep through it or else not like what is being served so you are best bring a few snacks just incase.

Travel Pillows

Airplane pillows are not the best. If they even give you one. You are best bring your own for your own comfort. I have one of the neck pillow ones but I think I am going to get an inflatable one. It would be easier to store
Travel Pillow
Travel Pillow Inflatable


Face Masks/Moisturiser/ Lip balm

As planes do dehydrate you, just think of what it is doing to your skin. Have a face mask with you do hydrate your skin and carry a small bottle of moisturiser to keep your face topped up. During a layover I would try wash my skin, even just scrubbing it with some water and then moisturising it. It will help reduce your skin going all bad from the dirty air.

Lip balm also needed as your lips need moisturised also.
Face Mask

Portable Charger

Some long haul flights don’t have usb plugs so always have a charged portable charger on you just incase. I bring 2 chargers with me any time I go somewhere just incase one runs out.
Portable Charger


Our travel time to Bali was 30 hours so basically A day and a bit. Your teeth definitely need brushed. Especially after a sleep on a plane all you want to do is brush your teeth. Will help you feel a bit more fresher.

Download Films/books

You aren’t going to be sleeping the whole time you are on the flight so download a few films or books for the flights. I know most airplanes have TV’s but the film selection can be quite poor so best downloading a few just incase.

Eye Mask

You could be flying in the day and want to sleep so this is great for times like this.


You will definitely need this after a good amount of hours on a plane. And you really don’t want to be that smelly guy on the plane.

Multi- Vitamin Tablets

The air quality on a plane isn’t the best, it is basically recycled air. You are best feeding yourself with multi-vitamins before, during and after to try reduce the risks of catching a cold or some sore of bacteria off others.


Last tip: ENJOY your holidays xxx

Love Frans Travels x


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